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Friday, October 16, 2009

Our daily bread

Some days my compassion I do dread

Especially as I go for my daily bread

When I go to the bakers, the best in town

It always gives me cause to frown

The beggars are there outside the door

Just the same as the day before

Both are crippled, both are lame

They’re here every day come wind or rain

Thousands must pass through the baker each week

The begging business is very sleek

There is nothing to give and no need for fashion

Their work is performed on your compassion

For Market Positioning they get top score

If I had more points I’d give them more

The phantom dagger is sunk to the hilt

As they make their strike against your guilt

A Business Strategy that’s hard to beat

They catch you there, right there on the street

They’ve no overheads and no rent to pay

And who can levy taxes on what they make every day?

Their Business Development is not very hard

The baker’s reputation is their key card

No need to keep stocks standing by

The beggar’s customers have nothing to buy

It’s very obvious and very plain

Both have suffered a great deal of pain

For After-Sales Service give them ten from ten

I know they’ll be there when I go again

They won’t ask as you step from the car

Their approach is more sophisticated by far

They know you are here to buy some food

If you ignore them after, you’re bound to feel rude

The begging’s not open, it’s more succinct

As they come to know you, it’s usually a wink

An outstretched hand to bid you Good Day

is always there to take your money away.

“Give us this day our daily bread”

Is what the Lord’s Prayer says!

Give the bakers beggars their daily bread, is what I say

And, Tony, try to do it with a smile .. every day!

Tony 13/May/2001


...Gray... said...

Very thought provoking. A keen insight on your daily life.

Big T said...

My past daily life in Nigeria.

Ephesus said...

Honestly Big T,
Your past daily life in Nigeria? That was mild! I envy you more. You have not seen the beggars on my street, they will make wall street proud! I love it. I laughed, smiled and nodded. Thank you

Big T said...

Thank you biola! :o))
Started in Lagos, on to Bonny Island, PH and Warri were next on the list followed by Tinapa and finally Abuja. Julius Berger Nigeria Ltd were responsible for all my moves.
Watch out for "life in the fast lane" ... coming soon to a blog near you :o)